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Position Rank Graph

Looking at the change of web site position over time is very revealing. When search engines change their 'rules' then a lot of sites move position in the rankings. To judge which new criteria they are using is a skilled task. You can spot the sites that are gradually creeping up the list and look at the web sites to judge what they might be doing to improve their position. Have their web pages changed to make better use of keywords, have they added extra content or a news feed ? Quite often a change in search engine position will be a temporary 'blip', the next time you scan the position changes may be reversed. This has been termed the 'Google Dance', you need to look at trends over a number of weeks to get the true overall picture.

The Site Vigil Trend Graph makes spotting what's moving up and down on search engine listings easy. The following graph shows how the top seventeen positions have moved over the last six days. The highlighted site, now at position 7 has crept up from 10 after briefly dipping to 13.

Position Trend Graph

This information can be reported and saved in a range of formats using the Report button on the graph display screen.

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Site Vigil's position trend graph is a very easy to use feature for quickly spotting what has changed in the search position rankings over time.