Site Monitoring

Choosing the right Site Vigil Version

Site Vigil comes in two versions. The Professional (Pro) version has the full functionality of Site Vigil, it can be used when you have access to your web site's log files.

If you just want to monitor the accessibility of web pages, analysis of web sites and search engine position analysis then you need the Lite version. Here is a comparison table of the features of the three products.

Feature Lite Pro
Get told when any web page is not accessible within a time range tolerance
Periodically check all linked pages are accessible
Graphical presentation of statistics
Monitoring of position on search engines
Export the data collected for analysis in a spreadsheet or statistical package (HTML, XML, CSV formats)
Find out when a web page has been changed, potentially by a malicious virus. Archive previous contents.
Alert by E-mail, SMS message, system event, sound, visual or external mechanisms
Regular summary report of monitoring operations
Check all linked external sites are accessible
Analyse the internal structure of a web site (frames, links and graphics)
Periodically check all pages on a complete web site
Get told when a web page or graphics file is not working correctly
Find out as soon as a site gets busy (or unusually quiet)  
Find out when someone has added a link to your site  
Use Ping or HTTP connect to check servers are running correctly  
Check which keywords are used to reach your site  
Monitor all accesses to pages on the site  
Price dollars $ 22 $ 32
Price pounds sterling £ 14 £ 20
Price euros € 17 € 24
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