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Welcome to Site Vigil™'s help system for the Pro version.

Each screen in Site Vigil has its own help page, to access the help press the F1 key or the Help button. Our web site has full online help and support, reference and contact information. Please visit our Site Vigil support area and

Site Vigil reference area for up-to-date news. We can respond to any queries by e-mail. Contact us at, the web site has additional contact information.

The Pro version of this program lets you monitor one or more web sites detecting inaccessible pages, unexpected surges or lulls in hits on your web site, new sources of web site and any error reports recorded by the web server. It runs on any Windows PC and monitors using your normal Internet connection.

Site Vigil is divided into a number of different components including :

WizardQuick set up to monitor a web site
SchedulerControls which events happen and when with more advanced configuration
AnalyzerAllows you to look at all the pages and graphics making up a web site
Search Position CheckerChecks position on search engines
ViewerDisplay Site Vigil status in your web browser
WorkerDoes all the monitoring in the background
AlerterGenerates alerts in the background

Look at the Getting Started Guide section for a guide to using the product to best effect.

For a list of what is new in the latest release see the What's New page. Tutorials are available too. For up-to-date reference please go to the Site Vigil web site.

This is the Professional version of Site Vigil, it has the full set of site monitoring features of SiteVigil. You need a valid license before you can run the program, go to the Licensing Information Page for more information on licenses.

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