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Site Vigil has the solution to a range of web site monitoring problems affecting your web site. Its real-time analysis of web sites gives you the information you need to get more from your Internet investment.

Web site monitoring

Look through the following case studies of how Site Vigil can be used to solve common problems facing web site owners, administrators and designers.

Tracking Advertisement Spend If you place an advertisement you will want to know the effectiveness of the campaign. Visit our advertisement tracking case study to show how Site Vigil can help.
All pages present Despite the best endeavours of the web designer it is all to easy to break an existing site or forget to upload a page of graphics file. The one thing that is guaranteed to put off visitors is a link to a page that does not exist or links to external sites that have not been upgraded for ages. Visit our link checking page to see show how to check your site's pages in four complementary ways.
Search Engine Tracking As Search Engines have developed over the past few years it is more difficult to make your way to the top of top search engines such as Google and stay there. You can track the position of your site on the top search engines with Site Vigil. Visit our search engine monitoring case study to see how automatic monitoring can help keep your site at the top. Studying the keyword phrases that are used to reach your site gives you the information to fine tune the web pages. Visit our keyword analysis page to see how Site Vigil monitoring can help get a better placement for your site on search engines.
New Listing One of the most dramatic ways that web traffic can suddenly jump, is a mention of your site in an e-mail newsletter. You will want to know about this as soon as possible so that more bandwidth can be made available and also check the reason why the link has been added. Visit our traffic referral page to see how our referrer analysis can quickly spot new sources of visitors.
Flexible alert notifications Knowing that there is a problem one thing, letting you know about is quite another. Other, less sophisticated products may just beep at you from time to time. Site Vigil has a flexible range of alerting options to let you know in the appropriate manner than a problem has occurred and needs attention. Visit our alert notification page to learn more about the how Site Vigil alerts work
Speed Comparison Looking at the user's perceived access time to key pages compared to similar sites will let you work out if the web hosting package is appropriate. There may well be a problem with the network connectivity of the server rather than with the web server itself. Check the performance of other company's pages before switching to use the same host. Visit our site speed page to see in detail how measurements of access time can help determine the best solution.
Reliable and available Battling with a web hosting company over a poor service can be impossible if you can't show clearly how much downtime has actually occurred. Because these companies will often blame the network or your connection to the network it is important to monitor several sites and so prove that it is not every site that is giving problems. Amaze the hosting company by giving them accurate times when the service failed and was restored - not just the 'ten minutes' they promised. Visit our site availability page to see how to collect the accessibility data for a web site
Detailed web page analysis Getting the full picture of why some web pages are successful while others aren't, is important to maximizing your web presence. The Site Vigil Analyzer gives a lot of useful information about single web pages so that you can fix problems and optimize them for better performance and search engine ranking. Visit our site analysis page to learn more about our powerful utility
Faulty Pages If your web site has errors on its web pages they may or may not display correctly. It's a good idea to make sure that all your pages conform to the HTML standards. On a recent scan of a range of leading web sites 83% had some sort of error on them. Modern browsers can be forgiving, but all it takes is a new, stricter version of a browser to be used for the whole page to be incorrectly displayed. The search engines that scan web sites can be less forgiving and may explain why it is getting a poor ranking. There's now no excuse for these errors, Site Vigil can automatically scan a single page or a whole site. Visit our validation page to see how errors can be tracked down
Tracing the culprit Tracking down where new referrals are coming from is a vital activity. It may be that this is the first sign of a denial of service attack and you'll want to know who's doing it. Similarly if you want to check out whose just launched a new web site you can get Site Vigil to quickly tell you the contact details of the owner. Visit our ownership page to learn more about getting this vital information
Keeping statistics secure With so many marketing mechanisms available for promoting web sites, it is now more than ever important to keep detailed, permanent records of the traffic rather than bland statistical averages. With log files you can investigate individual problems reported by users and study long term trends at a detailed level. Most web servers throw away the information after a short space of time. Site Vigil can keep an offline copy of this vital source of information. Visit our log file archive page to read about the automatic archiving facility
Topping the Search Engine results If you want to really bring in visitors and have spent money to improve the site ranking you will want to continuously monitor the site position. Visit the rank explanation page to see how Site Vigil gives you the information you need.
Checking the Competition Knowing who is competing for a presence at the top of search engine lists is a very valuable piece of information. By looking at how other sites have achieved a high rank on engines can indicate how to improve your own site. If a keyword finds irrelevant sites you may well want to adjust the site to use different keywords. Visit the detailed analysis page to see how sizing up the competition is made easy.
Overall Search Engine Ranking Although Google is the most important Search Engine at the moment this has not always been the case and other engines are significant sources of visitors. Some engines are important for specialist market sectors. Site Vigil computes an Overall ranking measure for all the engines you choose to scan. Visit the Overall rank page for details as to how this works.
Spot the Trends Who is going up and who is going down the web rankings ? Use Site Vigil to track the winners and losers over time. This lets you work out the main factors that influence your site's position over time and keep it at the top. Visit the site rank trend graph to see it in operation.
Web Site Analysis When a new site rockets to the top of the rankings for a keyword you will want to know more about it. You may want to know who owns the domain and what keywords are specified. Site Vigil gives easy access to all this data. Visit the site analysis information page for an example of what you can find with Site Vigil.

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