Site Monitoring

Tracking advertising promotions

If you have paid for any sort of promotional advertising you will want to know how many visitors it has brought to a web site.

The best way to track advertisements is to write a special Landing Page that is specific to a particular campaign. The landing page should be tailored to reflect the original advertisement. Site Vigil can then track all web page referrals that go to that particular page.

In addition any effective promotion will increase the level of traffic reaching a web site. For example the traffic graph that follows shows a major peak of traffic on the evening of 29th October that was the result of a promotion. Site Vigil raised an alert as soon as this was spotted.

If the advert is in a printed magazine or newsletter you won't be able to directly check how the visitors reached the site as they have to type in a URL to get to the site. It's best to use a landing page to identify that they've responded to a particular promotion.

Traffic Analysis Graph