Site Monitoring

Analyse Web Sites

Looking at a web page may not be giving you the full picture. Site Vigil lets you analyse web pages in the search engine results list from all the major engines. It may hold the key as to why a competitor's web page may be achieving a higher search engine position ranking than yours.

Web Page Analysis

The Site Vigil screen shot shows the results for analysing a single page. It gives the Title and Position in the search engine web ranking. It also shows the change in position since the previous scan. More interestingly perhaps it gives the IP address on which it is hosted. Buttons then let you get Who Is information about the owner and location of the domain and the web server. With physical contact information. A button will show an Alexa report about the domain name giving a great deal of further information, including global web traffic ranking and web sites that link to it.

The report then goes on to give the page size, when it was last changed and that there are three links to pages within the same web site and also three to external sites. The META header can be used to place a Description and Keywords for the use of robots, including some search engines.

Site Vigil also does some basic checks on HTML syntax, if it finds any problems it will report them and let them be viewed.

Site Vigil's position utility gives page analysis capability sets it apart from competitor products. Now you have access to all of the information you need from one easy to use program.