Site Monitoring

Upgrading Site Vigil

The software is designed to be easy to upgrade, you do not need to re-install the product in order to upgrade it. To upgrade use the Site Vigil™ product's Upgrade Check... menu command from the Help menu. It compares the installed version against those available on our web site and indicate which is the most up-to-date compatible version to download. Download and installation occurs within the Site Vigil program itself.

site monitoring

On rare occasions it will be necessary to re-install and re-configure the software if a very old version is still in use. Note that the upgrade does not affect your Site Vigil license in any way, a trial licence is not extended or renewed. If you want to upgrade from the Lite to Pro version (click for more details) you will need to install the Pro version but you can continue to use your Lite configuration options.


Version Contents Release Date
69 Pick up updated library code 27th April 2011
68 License fix for Lite version of Site Position utility 2nd July 2010
67 Ping error code 10th March 2010
66 Updated license scheme 27th April 2009
65 Support XHTML scanning of web sites 15th July 2008
64 Fix for Lite Page Analyser 20th August 2007
63 Updated install/uninstall for Vista 26th June 2007
62 Rebuild for Vista 1st June 2007
61 External work configuration update 23rd December 2006
60 Alert state chart viewer 22nd September 2006
59 Mail account monitoring and other fixes 12th March 2006
58 Yahoo! scan update 10th September 2005
57 Trial license fix 16th August 2005
56 Mail server monitor, traffic summary and alert wizard 20th April 2005
55 Fix to upgrade mechanism and a couple of other more minor problems 8th February 2005
54 Improved help format and a number of significant fixes 1st February 2005
53 Major upgrade with many new features and fixes 8th December 2004
52 Yahoo search engine fix 1st November 2004
51 AltaVista search engine fix 15th April 2004
50 HTML validation of web pages, fast search position scan 5th March 2004
49 Some minor enhancements and fixes 12th December 2003
47 New Search Engine position utility, bug fixes 28th October 2003
46 Search Engine position history graph, bug fixes 12th September 2003
45 Search Engine position monitoring, bug fixes 20th July 2003
44 Graph comparison feature, bug fixes 16th May 2003
43 Site change comparison, log file archive, bug fixes 2nd April 2003
42 Emulation mode, site alert list, bug fixes 13th February 2003
41 Major changes including new SMS alerts, Site spidering, Status view 14th January 2003
40 Additional alert features, SMTP Email, bug fixes 24th October 2002
39 Sound alert bug fix 13th September 2002
38 Faster report display, Access status display, bug fixes 4th September 2002
37 Simpler licensing, Wizard installer, Wizard help panel, bug fixes 26th July 2002
36 New XP style user interface 19th June 2002
35 Browser based viewer, improved graph display, bug fixes 19th April 2002
34 Site analysis browser, edge triggered alerts, bug fixes 22nd March 2002
33 Summary report, watch monitoring, bug fixes 22nd February 2002
32 DNS Lookup, Improved UI, Hyperlink following, bug fixes 7th January 2002
31 Ping monitoring, improved details display, bug fixes 10th December 2001
30 Introduced Lite version, additional event and data details. ZIP log format supported 9th November 2001
29 Added monitoring of robots and page changes. Improved graph display options. 28th September 2001
28 Initial Silurian release 20th August 2001