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Site Vigil Site Vigil is a sophisticated web site monitoring tool designed to quietly check all aspects of the functioning of web pages and web sites.

Broken links spotted quickly One of the most common reasons for a web server to log a failure is when it detects that a user is referring to a web page or graphics file that no longer exists. Usually this means that the file has not been uploaded or has been accidentally deleted, or, just as importantly, external sites (especially search engines) may still be referring to pages that have been deleted or moved. You can take action by changing the link or adding an automatic redirection page. Site Vigil can also scan a complete site and find broken links on any page. Read more...
You've been linked Detect a surge in visitor traffic to your web site. Suddenly the number of hits increases substantially. This is typically when a link is added to an external page referring to your site. You will want to vet that the link is giving accurate information as soon as it has been added. Read more on referral analysis...
Search Engine Placement People find web sites from search engines. Site Vigil lets you track the position of web sites within the search engine results. You can look at the competition and then improve your placement. Read more...
Search Keywords What are people typing in to get to your site ? With Site Vigil you can see the individual keywords and phrases actually used on search engines so that you can fine tune your web pages to get a better placement. Read more on keyword analysis...
Host Reliability Is your web host providing an adequate service ? Are you paying too much or too little for hosting compared to your competitors ? You need a program like Site Vigil to measure the effectiveness and sppeed of your web site. Your server may also be rejecting valid user requests, you can investigate the errors recorded on the server and make sure they are unavoidable. Read more on site availability...
Network Problem If the expected number of hits does not occur then this may be because a link to your site has been removed or there is a major Internet routing problem. Either way you need to find out what is happening so corrective action can be taken.
Study the make-up of a web site Our analyzer utility lets you analyse web pages or a whole web site showing all the links and graphics used within each page, this makes it easy to look around a site setting up page access monitors and to uncover problems with a web page design.
Spot that Page change Checking when any page on the Internet has changed can be used to verify that the expected updates are being applied to pages to a site. You may also want to know when external (static) pages linking to your site get changed. Some malicious viruses will modify web pages and download files, Site Vigil can check this too.
Site Speed Test Access time to pages is an important statistic to monitor regularly. Unfortunately, access time depends on many factors, many of which are outside the control of a web site administrator. Firstly, because Site Vigil is acting as a normal user requesting web pages there could be a number of levels of information caching occurring that mean that it is not actually measuring time to reach a web server and return information all the way back. However, depending on the connection route that Site Vigil uses, the statistics should reflect an ordinary user's experience of page access time. Read more on site speed...
Economic to Run There are a number of companies that will monitor your sites for a regular monthly fee. But you get limited information and little control over the monitoring made. For important commercial sites you need to be running several independent checks on the web site. Site Vigil has a one off cost that gives you direct control over monitoring.
Number 1 on search engines There are a great many keywords that can be used to reach a web site so it is a tedious task to try to manually keep track of your position on all search engines. With increasing competition for the cherished top slots on at the top of search engine results, achieving a good position has become an important commercial consideration.
Compare against the Competition You can use the Compare feature to produce a comparison report for different keywords and different search engines. This lets you easily spot which engines and keywords are achieving a good position compared to competitor web sites.
Monitor Remotely With the Pro's Remote Viewer facility you can keep track of the monitoring status remotely wherever you have access to a web browser and a connection to the machine running Site Vigil.
You're under attack The first signs of a new virus will show up as a whole bunch of referrals from a single web site or bursts of requests for non-existent resources. You'll want to know that the necessary patches are installed on the server as soon after a virus attack starts.
Quality is Detail If you really want to know what is happening at your web site then Site Vigil gives you that information at both an overview and detailed level. See individual accesses by users generated from search engines requests and analyse individual errors rather than just being presented with a statistical bar chart. Track down individual problems that may relate to an individual session at a particular time.

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