Site Monitoring

Tracking competing web sites

Knowing why other sites have achieved a good position within the search engine results is of great importance to web site owners.

It is increasingly difficult to achieve and maintain a good position on the top search engines. As there is a lot of time and money involved in optimizing a web site you need to keep tabs on what the opposition are getting up to.

Our product Site Vigil lets you see what is happening to the rankings, not just your own site, it will track the position of all the web page results over time.

Search Position Change Graph

Over time a web page can jump up and down as the results clearly show. It is not adequate to look at the results once. If a new web site jumps into the top range of the listings you need to know why.

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Site Vigil position utility produces analysis data of all the sites it found scanning the search engine listings and tells you the change in position since the last scan. You can also compare results between different search engines or between different keywords. Look at the keywords and description used, research the company behind the site with the WhoIs data it provides.