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Checking Overall Search Engine Position

Although there are thousands of Search Engines only a handful will bring substantial numbers of visitors to your site.

You can use Site Vigil to check the position of a site on all the important search engines. However, this can give you a mass of figures that are hard to interpret. Site Vigil simplifies this by automatically computing an Overall ranking figure for all the engines you monitor.

The Overall figure takes account of the relative importance of the different search engines to produce a score for each web page result found. It is more sophisticated than a simple average as some search engines are much more important than others. Ideally you will want to achieve an Overall ranking of number one for all search engines, but except for long, very obscure or specialised keywords this is not possible to achieve no matter what Search Engine Optimization firms may say. What was true a year ago is not the case now, the main reason why? - All the top web sites have used keyword analysis tools to enhance their rank on search engines.

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Search Engine Positioning

Site Vigil uses an Overall ranking to track a site's position without you needing to do anything special. Just select the search engines you wish to include in the ranking and let the software calculate the rank of all the sites using this unique measure.

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