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How to Top the Search Engine Results

Getting the best Search Engine position possible is of huge importance these days. The majority of visitors find sites for the first time through one of the leading search engines rather than any other source.

Being on the list is not good enough, you need to be in the top one or two pages of results, as users do not normally browse beyond these pages of results.

This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in. Many companies offer products and services to improve the rank of a web site on a search engine. Some with very limited success. It is just no longer possible to get to the top for popular keywords as a lot of other people, with perhaps more resources, are doing precisely the same thing. What is often best is to add extra words to the keyphrase and try to get a good placement for that combination of words.

This is not a once-only operation as the site changes, the search engines change their rules and the competition are busy optimising their sites too. You need to monitor the rank of the site on search engines continuously. Although it is still possible for you to achieve a good placement for obscure keyphrases or on engines that are hardly ever used, quickly getting to the top of the list for a commonly used word is no longer possible.

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Optimizing for search engine position

Sophisticated Search Engine monitoring

Site Vigil lets you analyse the position on all major search engines (especially Google) at any time. You can then use the information to take steps to improve your site's position within the search results.