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Domain record ownership

Tip 6 : Owning a Domain

As the web hosting industry gets more and more competitive, with more players jostling for a decreasing market it is important to fully secure a domain name.

When you register a domain name it is you that owns the domain not the hosting company, you can change the web host for a domain by just changing the domain record whenever you like.

Many people have been caught out by a hosting company taking over a domain without the original domain owner's consent. This typically happens when a web host renews a domain name and sets themselves as the technical or administrative contact. Once this occurs the web host can block any request to move the hosting to another company. They want this to happen so that they have some come back if a customer fails to pay the outstanding balance on an account.

Site Vigil If you get into dispute with the web host or the web host goes bust, you are in trouble.

There are a number of domain parking companies that let you control the domain records without giving the web host the opportunity to take over. To change web host you just need to modify the records to point to the new web host's DNS server.

Companies such as FreeParking let you manage the domains you own independently of the web site host.

Site Vigil gives easy access to the WhoIs information for IP addresses and domain names.