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Affiliated sales for Site Vigil™

Site Vigil is a sophisticated website monitoring tool that will be popular with all small businesses and technical home users running a web site. It concentrates on spotting unusual activity and raising alerts whenever it finds something out of the ordinary. After three years of exclusive direct selling we are offering an affiliate scheme to professional affiliates.

Our affiliate system is unique, we do not use a PPC system, we pay a generous commision on sales. Each affiliate has a different variant of the software with the affiliate identifier locked into the code. This means both parties are sure which downloads led to a product sale after the period of free trial.

This scheme also permits you to promote your unique version of the software in many different ways (cover disc, download site etc) and yet still knowing that any sales can be tracked uniquely to you. Your affiliate name is displayed in the license information of the product, so there can be no mistake as to who led to the original download.

Here is an index to the main sections of the web site describing the product.

Features The software has a large number of features aimed at solving many of the problems that web site owners and administrators face on a day to day basis.
Quick Tour Our web site had a quick tour to give you a feel for the software with a series of screenshots and explanations.
Download and try The software is available for free download and 40 day trial. The best way to evaluate the software is to use it. It includes full local help.
Technical Some technical background on how SiteVigil does its job so effectively.
Solutions Software needs to give clear benefits to customers. Go to the solution page to see some of the many advantages of running the software.
Generous commission We are current offering a generous 30% commision on all leads that lead to a product sale of either Site Vigil Lite or Site Vigil Pro.
More Information For more details about selling SiteVigil please contact us be e-mail [email protected] or our contact form. Please give us some background about your affiliating experience. We can then give you additional information on how the program works together with our standard terms and conditions.

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