Site Monitoring

Buying Site Vigil

To purchase a copy of Site Vigil all you need to do is to perform one straightforward Internet purchase transaction. The license installed will then let you use Site Vigil Pro for an unlimited length of time on a single PC.

Downloaded Version

Download from the Download page and install Site Vigil.

From the Site Vigil tray window select Configure... from the right mouse menu. From the set of icons on the click on the Options and then select License from the set of tabs along the top.

This screen shows the state of the license, if you are trialling the product you can press the Purchase button to start off the purchase process in your browser.

The online screens take your personal and card details over a secure link and then you are automatically issued with a license that the program picks up without you needing to type in any license key data.

Reinstall and Repair

If you need to re-install the software you need to use the unique Order Number issued to you when the software was purchased.

To repair the license go to the License screen and click on the Repair button this will lead to an online transaction that will issue a new license. You will need to enter your unique order number given when the software was purchased.

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