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We respect our visitor's rights to privacy and will not knowingly disclose any details you give us without your prior consent. If you purchase DiskSpaceChart we may inform you by email of available product upgrades when they become available. The personal information entered is only used for the purposes of confirming the purchase transaction. We will not pass your e-mail address or other details to another company. This web site is run by a registered limited liability company (see this page for more details) that has been trading for over ten years.

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Your e-mail address is not used for any purpose other than informing you by e-mail of the availability of software upgrades and updates to the message boards. You can unsubscribe from these notifications at any time by sending an e-mail to support@siluian.com with subject "Unsubscribe" quoting your purchase order number.

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All online payments are processed through (WorldPay ) a specialist card payment processing company. We never get to know any details of your card, only that the transaction has succeeded and your name and address so we can contact you or send you goods you have ordered by post. If you have any concerns about the money transfer please contact WorldPay directly.

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