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Site Vigil News

8th February 2005 We made a minor enhancement to Site Vigil (55), it fixes a few significant problems that have been reported.
1st February 2005 Significant enhancement to Site Vigil (54). A number of reported issues have been fixed in this release. We have changed the search engines that the software can monitor, adding the engines Excite and A9 .
4th January 2005 New look web site with more pages in the glossary section and further description of the software's features.
8th December 2004 Major enhancement to Site Vigil (53). Lots of extra features and many fixes as well as an enhanced user interface. The position of web sites in the search engine listings can now be tracked graphically over time. Allow access to 'Whois' information about web sites and users.
1st November 2004 Support for change to Yahoo search engine in version 52 of Site Vigil.
5th March 2004 New HTML Validation features added to Site Vigil (release 50) and faster search engine scan added to SitePos (release 14).
20th July 2003 Search Engine Position monitoring included in Site Vigil 45. Position of web sites on multiple web search engines can now be automatically monitored. Further enhancements to the web site, at last the dark background has gone. The Gawp online reference area has been integrated into the site and the Geology section revised and expanded.
2nd April 2003 Site Vigil 43 released. Allows site scans to be compared, automatically archives log files, save contents of pages that have changed.
14th January 2003 Site Vigil 41 released. This major release takes the software to version 3. It has many improvements and new features, including an easy to read status summary screen, scanning of complete sites and mobile phone alerts.
10th September 2002 Site Vigil mentioned in Hot Product News .
17th August 2001 up and running, SiteVigil version 28 released.
19th January 1999 Silurian Software company founded and officially registered.