Disk Space Chart

Disk Space Chart

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The recycle bin contents are displayed in a similar way to ordinary folders.

Because the files in the recycle bin are not directly accessible a number of the ordinary chart facilities are not available. You can not open, delete or show properties on items in the bin. To restore files from the bin please activate Windows Explorer.

The recycle bin contents are activated by double clicking on the Recycle Bin icon in Disk view mode or you can activate it directly from Windows® Explorer by selecting the Recycle Bin and selecting Disk Space Chart from the right mouse button click menu.

The chart and list operate in the same way as for an ordinary folder. Only those files queued for deletion on the currently selected disk drive are listed.


Press the Refresh button to update the usage display (for example when you empty the recycle bin).

Save As

Press the Save As button to save the information displayed to a file. The information is saved in CSV format, which can be read by programs such Microsoft® Excel®.


Press the Close button to exit Recycle Bin view and go back to Explorer or your Application.

Display of contents of Recycle Bin

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