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Disk Space Chart settings and options

Here's a page from the extensive help system for Disk Space Chart. It is displayed as a help screen when running the program. To get the full picture Download Disk Space Chart and see the screen in its full context.

DiskSpaceChart has a few display options that you can set on its settings screen.

You can change the folder or drive being displayed by clicking on the Browse... button and selecting a different folder.

You can select how the extension categorizes space used in folders. Group size of all nested sub-folders together chooses to lump the space together into the immediate sub-folders of the current folder. Normally all the space occupied by a folder includes all the space in its sub-folders, so for example, Program Files would show all the space taken by all installed programs rather than on an individual basis. Sometimes you may want to analyze individual folders and at other times you may want a top level summary.

Show sizes of all nested sub-folders individually creates an entry for each folder that is found.

Sometimes you want to look at individual files rather than folders. You can control this with the Show individual files in Current folder option. When selected the sizes of individual files are shown for the current directory rather than lumped together as the 'Files in Current Folder' category. This only applies to folders that have sub-folders. If a folder contains just files and no sub-folders Disk Space Chart automatically shows the individual files in the folder. When this option is off then all files in the current folder are lumped together into the category 'Files in Current Folder'.

Show file type icons in the list controls whether the list displays an icon for each entry.

Upgrade... opens a browser window to check whether you are using the latest version of Disk Space Chart. It does this by checking your installed version with the latest one on our web site.

Purchase... will be present if you are running the trial license for the product, clicking on Purchase takes you to a screen giving options to buy a license for the product. This is done quickly and easily over the web.

Disk Space Chart re-displays the current folder with the new settings you have chosen when OK is pressed. The options are remembered and used next time.

Disk Space Chart settings

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