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It's often hard to files or folders on a large disk drive. Disk Space Chart complements the facilities for finding files provided by Windows® Explorer. It reports a list of folders containing files that match the search and you can then click on the folder to display the individual files.

You can search for the folders occupying a large amount of space on the disk - useful when looking for candidate folders that will free up most space.

Use this to locate files by their type (by selecting a file type from the drop down list or typing in the file extension).

The options to find folders with files modified or accessed in the last ten minutes; hour; day; week; month or year etc. is very useful - handy for finding where you just saved a file if you discover you cannot remember precisely where you saved it!

Select the particular search option you want for the search and press the Find button, the utility will scan all folders beneath the base folder and report all the folders that match the search criterion in a results list.

Note: The search by access time is dependent on the file system type - this will not work on some file systems.

Finding folders

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