Disk Space Chart

Disk Space Chart

Here's a page from the extensive help system for Disk Space Chart. It is displayed as a help screen when running the program. To get the full picture Download Disk Space Chart and see the screen in its full context.

Disk Space Chart shows the disk usage in a variety of useful ways.

The main screen has a chart on the left and a list of the contents of the current 'segment' on the right. Beneath these are various fields displaying overall statistics and the currently selected item (size, proportion of current folder and last changed date/time). The tabs along the top allow you to quickly flip to show the folder space usage in different ways:

  1. By Folder
  2. By File type
  3. By File size
  4. By Date/time the folder or file was changed
  5. For the disk as a whole

The proportion of the 3-D Pie chart is also shown on the right of the screen as a list. Initially the list is in order of decreasing amount of space used. You can change the sort order by clicking on the header at the top of the list.

The background color used in the pie chart is shown with the percentage of space used in the current folder or disk. The icon indicates the type of entry and then the name of the folder; file or category.

To switch search type click on the tab control at the top of the chart. You can select folders; size; age or type.

Click on a segment of the chart on the list to show details for that entry. Hover the mouse over a segment and a tip pops up giving details of the currently selected file or folder.

You can quickly view, explore or delete entries in the list, just click the right mouse on the entry and select the action you want from the menu displayed.

For categories (file type and changed time) double clicking will pop up a screen showing the files that make up the contents of that category.

Double click on a list box entry or on a segment of the chart to show a new chart for space used in that sub-folder.

If it is unable to scan some of the folders there will be an Incomplete Details button displayed on the screen. To view the folders it was unable to scan press the button.


Press the Refresh button to update the usage display (for example when you delete files). For improved performance Space Chart keeps statistics on the last few folders that have been displayed, Refresh will clear the stored information and cause it to re-scan and re-display the current folder.


Press the Options button to go change the settings for Disk Space Chart. These control how files and folder sizes are toted up and displayed.

Save As

Press the Save As button to save the information displayed to a file. The information is saved in CSV format, which can be read by programs such Microsoft® Excel®.


Press the Up button to go up one level in the folder hierarchy. There is also an 'Up' button at the top of the display list.


Press the Find button to Find folders and folders of particular sizes; types and age.


Press the Close button to exit Disk Space Chart and go back to Explorer or your Application.

Folders for the whole of a disk drive

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